Monday, May 14, 2012

My Day in Review

Like most other mornings, within a few moments of waking, I headed to the kitchen for some coffee. My girls got me a sweet new mug for Mother’s Day and I smiled while pouring some brew into it.


I set my mug down on the table, fired up my laptop and got to work on unloading the dishwasher while the computer started.

I was putting something into the cupboard when I caught a flash of a travel mug falling and before I knew it, it had smacked into the sensitive outer corner of my eye, right on the bone. It hurt.  My eyes watered and I nearly cried.  And, somehow in the process of impacting my face, that rude wake-up call put my nose out of joint as well. (Figuratively speaking….)

Every blink hurt and a headache crept in and a storm cloud appeared over my head.  For some reason, I decided to tackle the big project of swapping over summer clothes for winter clothes and purging the clothes bins in storage.

Bad idea.

I spent two hours of my morning aggravated, frustrated and annoyed.  I was in the completely wrong mindset and I just couldn’t seem to shake it. As I was tackling piles of clothes and sorting and redistributing them, I noticed the dust bunnies in the hallway and the toothpaste smeared all over the sink. Can we say overwhelmed?

Eventually I managed to finish up the work I had set before me and the pain in my eye faded. Only then did I think to talk to the Lord about my attitude. Why do I do that?

The tension within me started to unravel and the storm cloud over my head started to dissipate.

We headed to the park for our homeschoolers’ softball practice. I was able to enjoy time with my Mama-friends and confess what a crabby apple I had been.

Watching the kids play ball is such a treat.



While we were at the park, a friend blessed us with a year membership to the zoo. Our family had been talking about how neat it would be to have a zoo membership and we’ve been excited for the newest exhibit that focuses on Africa and the Maasai tribe of Kenya and Tanzania.

We got home to find a treasured cream colored envelope in the mailbox and a letter from Precious in Ghana. This form letter focused on the topic “My Project” and she shared the kinds of food she ate there and the typical activities. Listed under favorite activity to do at the project…..   cleaning.

I read that and thought back to little temper tantrum I had this morning and swallowed hard. Perspective.

Precious also told us that she is doing well in school and likes math.  She said that she liked the picture and description of our Christmas tree and had never heard of bringing a tree into the house to decorate it. The last sentence of her letter was, “She will remember Nico in her prayers.” How incredibly touching it is to know that our sweet girl in Ghana is praying for us.

The rest of the day was spent catching up on chores, making dinner and holding back the Mama-tears as my baby wiggles and jiggles her first loose tooth. If that thing doesn’t come out tonight, it sure must tomorrow!

To top it off, my heart was lifted by my sweet friends on the Blogging From The Boonies Facebook page. I am just so blessed by the comments and support by this blog community! Many thanks to each of you!

So, while my day started off with a bang (literally) it ended with many smiles and reasons to be thankful. Tomorrow morning I think I may wait until I’ve at least finished my coffee before I attempt putting away the dishes.