Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy, Happy Mail Call

Today I got one of those letters that just brings tears to my eyes.

I was excited to find a cream colored envelope tucked into the stack of mail in the mailbox.  I tore into it and was excited to find a letter from our Rodrigo in Bolivia.


Rodrigo’s letters are always such a joy to read.  He shares so many details about his life and this most recent letter was no exception.

Hello, it is a pleasure to write to you again and to know about you. In this opportunity I will tell you that I played with water with my friends and had lots of fun. I also play in the soccer field. It is the sport I like the most.

By the way, I got sick and was not able to go to church and to school.

I play a lot in school with my friends. I pray for you and your family. In Christmas, I travelled to a town named Cantapa and I played with my cousins and uncles. I also tell you that I was baptized and my uncles and aunts all came and we celebrated a lot with them and with my family and cousins.

(Cue the tears….  What a blessing!)

I got a present and it was a toy car.  I liked it very much and was very happy. Iam nine years old and my birthday is July 7th. I thank God very much.

Thanks for the letters you have sent to me.  I am so happy learning about you. It is a blessing to write to you. May God bless you,

Love, Rodrigo”

The news of Rodrigo’s baptism fills my heart with happiness!  I am just so thrilled!

Also, when reading about Rodrigo’s love of soccer and joy over getting a toy car, I can’t help but think of the care package I was able to send last month.  A friend was travelling to Bolivia so I filled a gallon ziplock bag with a soccer ball, hand pump, matchbox cars, art supplies, pencils and pens, a calculator, a harmonica. some candy and a few other things.  By now, I would imagine that he was already given the package at the project and I wish I could have seen his face when it was given to him!

I love mail days like this!  Have you heard from any of your Compassion International sponsor children lately?