Saturday, May 12, 2012

Going Green

I’ll be the first to admit it.  I’ve got a bit of a stubborn streak.




Do you see

it right there?





So when something becomes all the rage, there is something inside of me that decides it is not for me. I tend to drag my feet when it comes to following trends.

It took me a while to get to joining Facebook. Even longer to get around to joining the world of Twitter. I pretty much decided I wasn’t even going to take a look at Pinterest. Then I caved.

I know, it is a character flaw….  I’m working on it.

When my Facebook news feed and Google blog reader started putting green smoothies in my line of vision, I sort of skimmed past them. While I really love fruits and veggies, I thought all of these frothy green smoothies I was seeing looked kind of, well…. gross.

A few weeks ago, I broke down and decided to try making one.  I had spinach and fruit on hand so I pulled out my little food processor and gave it a whirl. Unfortunately, my hand-me-down food chopper was too small to hold very much and the blades were not sharp or powerful enough to really do the job.

My husband took one look at the concoction in my glass and said, “Um, that doesn’t look like a smoothie, it looks like a chunky!”

He was right.  But, I’ll be darned if that chunky wasn’t tasty.  Even if I had to sort of chew it.

For a few mornings in a row, I mixed up a chunky and drank it down.  It was yummy, filling and gave me a nice boost of energy.

Last week, I was doing some errands and found myself in the small appliance section of a store.  I stood in front of the blender display and had myself a mental battle. As I’ve said before, I don’t spend money on myself easily.  I nearly tortured myself when I found a good deal on a Canon camera last year.  I want it, I don’t need it, I want it, I can’t spend that much money on myself. I ended up buying that camera and I love it.

You see, in my mind, every purchase is compared to Compassion International currency. In my heart, I know we truly have everything we need and I know how our donations through Compassion change lives.

Back and forth I went in the store aisle. $40 is a month’s sponsorship or a decent sized Family Gift. I walked away and came back.  (I wonder if the people in the security room thought I was kind of sketchy…) I took a deep breath and put the big box in my cart.

(Now you know I am stubborn and  slightly flaky. )

Can I just say?  I love my new blender.  I really, truly do.  Every morning since then, I have had real honest to goodness smooothies!


My smoothie of choice is made of a big handful of baby spinach, frozen fruit (like peaches, mangos, pineapple, grapes and strawberries) sometimes some sunflower seeds and a splash of almond milk.  Today I also threw in some sliced carrots.

I pop the top onto my new Ninja and let ‘er rip!


After a minute, I end up with a sweet and delicious green start to my day!


In the last few weeks of my smoothie (and chunky) drinking, I have noticed that I feel like I have more energy.  I don’t seem to crave sweets quite like I used to, in fact my snacking is down all around.  I’ve lost a few pounds, too.

My five year old is also a big fan of the green smoothies, although my ten year old isn’t convinced.  You can’t taste the spinach, but I think that the color throws her off.

Have you joined the green smoothie movement?  If so, what do you like in yours?  I’m starting to experiment a little with ingredients and I’d love your suggestions!