Monday, May 7, 2012

Anticipation and Ache

The Compassion Bloggers have packed their bags and taken off again.  This time, they are on African soil, visiting Tanzania.

Compassion Bloggers: Tanzania 2012

Since we started sponsoring in the middle of 2009, I have eagerly followed the posts that come from the Compassion Bloggers trips.  I have read every word, gazed on every picture, laughing at times and also leaving a mountain of crumpled tissues beside my laptop. The stories are so compelling and moving.

For each trip, Shaun Groves chooses a half dozen bloggers and whisks them away to the countries where Compassion works. For days, I keep one eye on on my Google Reader tab, checking to see if a new post has popped up.  I am filled with anticipation, waiting for another installment.

If I am completely honest, I am also filled with an ache deep inside. There is a pull on my heart and every single day I find myself thinking of how I want to be able to travel and see Compassion at work in the field.  It is an ache that I wrestle with at times as it can flirt with jealousy when others are able to do what I dream of doing. I wonder if my desires dance with the selfishness of “I want”.

When conflict rises in my heart, I do all that I can to give it to God.  He knows my passion for Compassion and love for my children. He hears my prayers and can open the doors if He sees fit. I look within and set my sights on accepting the need for patience and grace.

In the meantime, I pray for those who are able to take these amazing trips around the world.  May their words and images touch hearts and prompt others to take a step of faith and sponsor or perhaps a call to action and write to their sponsored children.

Will you join me in following the Compassion Bloggers and praying over them? Share links to their stories and perhaps you, too, can help spread awareness and touch hearts!