Monday, April 23, 2012

Snow Day Project

Yes, snow day.

Last week it was so warm that we had windows open and the sprinkler out. But, here is the scene we woke up to this morning.





My girls were hoping for a chance to sled, they had only been out two or three times all season. However, this was a wet and heavy snow, too sticky for sledding.  Not to mention, branches were breaking from the weight and it wasn’t safe for them to be outside.

Really, it was a perfect sort of day to sit beside the woodstove and play board games. Unfortunately, the game and puzzle closet had slowly turned into a scary avalanche waiting to happen. Boxes were teetering here and crammed in there, making it a challenge to get anything out.

So, this morning I stared into the closet of danger and tried to come up with a game plan.  I pulled everything off of the shelves and started taking things out of boxes.

For Luna’s collection of boxed 24 and 36 piece puzzles, I put each puzzle into a quart sized ziplock bag.  I cut the picture out of the top of the box and slipped that in as well. Those baggies went into a basket and what once took up about four or five cubic feet now takes only one.

Then, I did the same basic thing with board games.  I had no idea how much wasted space was being taken with all of those boxes!  For each game, I put the pieces and instructions into a gallon sized ziplock bag. A few of the boards that folded into quarters fit in the gallon bags with the pieces.  The boards that just folded in half were labeled.


Here you can see all of the contents of a dozen various board games. When we want to play something, we just need to grab the right baggie and board and we are good to go!

All of the card games were put into a shoebox on the top shelf.


This is the almost finished product! Before I went to work, there was no more room to be found on these shelves! Now, we even have room for more games! A couple of the games and bigger floor puzzles stayed in their boxes for various reasons.  Next, I just need to bring myself to face the facts that my “baby” is a big girl and pull out the chunky puzzles on the top shelf. :sniff:

Now, the closet is so organized and easy to navigate!  I bet you can’t guess what my girls are doing right now!

Yes, they’re playing board games!