Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Odd For a Minute

I’ve been working on a blog draft about the Compassion retreat, a little here and there. While I haven’t finished that post yet, I do need to share one blessing that came as a result of hearing the testimony of formerly sponsored Owen Githana.

After we got home from the Friday night sponsor dinner, my husband and I stayed up talking about how Owen’s story had affected us.

Discussing how Owen now sponsors four Compassion children of his own, my husband told me that he felt we really could be doing more.

We really should sponsor another child…”

Earlier that Friday, I had been looking through the list of longest waiting children on the Compassion International website.  I was saddened to see that some of the children had been waiting over a year.  While I am generally drawn to children with sad faces, feeling inspired to bring a smile to their lips, I found myself lingering over the profile of one specific young man.


I went to the computer to bring up the profile of Ncheshia.  It wasn’t until that moment that I realized that he was eight years old and lived in Kenya. My heart did a flip, knowing that the young man who inspired us to sponsor another child was from Kenya and was eight years old when he was sponsored.

384 days after his first sponsor dropped the sponsorship, we clicked the “Sponsor This Child” button and ended Ncheshia’s wait.

I was feeling thankful for the Lord’s provision in our lives and for a husband who has a heart to share what he works hard to earn. As I was thinking of how blessed we were to add another Compassion child, number eleven, to our family I was also laughing to myself.

On the OurCompassion website, some of us joke about “being odd”.  OurCompassion is such a wonderful community of people who love being sponsors. In the Journals, we not only share information, but also have a lot of fun.

I thought to myself, “Oh dear, now we’re odd!”

After reading through Ncheshia’s profile and printing out his picture, I logged into Facebook.  I had some notifications waiting and also a message.

I wasn’t odd for long.

The message was from a friend I had met via social networking.  The friend told me that she didn’t feel she was able to devote enough to the letter writing ministry to her sponsored child and she asked if we would be willing to step in as correspondents.

I thought about it for all of a second and then I happily accepted.

Meet the “baby” of our family.


Little Akimana from Rwanda just turned four this past Christmas. My girls were literally squealing with delight as soon as she turned up on our Compassion account. We are thankful to have the opportunity to write to this sweet girlie and pray for her.

(Some have asked, we think the IV port on her hand was used to treat malaria or some other sickness. Compassion tells me that her records show that she is in good health.)

So, now we have a dozen beautiful blessings around the world.  Thank you Lord for the gift of these special children in our lives!


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