Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Wait Continues

Over the last few weeks, I have been checking the list of children who have been waiting the longest for a sponsor.

I watched that list get smaller and smaller, rejoicing as the number dwindled.

Then, yesterday, the list suddenly got much larger.  Compassion must have added more children to the online system and hundreds of them have been waiting over six months for the news that they have been chosen.


Some of the children listed have been waiting over 300 days.

(Some have asked me how a new child on the Compassion website could possibly be waiting so long.  Many children are not on the Compassion website.  Instead, their packets have been printed and are out travelling with an event such as a concert. Some packets are out with Compassion Advocates.)

As I asked before, will you join me in looking over the children who have been waiting longest and take a few minutes to pray over them?

Click here to do so.

(Full disclosure: Clicking through the above link may help me win a gift certificate to the Compassion Store. Every click helps!)

Maybe God is moving your heart to end one child’s wait today.