Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It can be hard to have patience as an adult. As our family goes through an ordeal right now, some days seem to just drag by.

For a child, waiting can feel downright impossible.

My heart is for the children registered in the Compassion International child sponsorship program who wait weeks, months, over a year to be given the news that they are chosen.

Imagine how it might feel to be at the child development center on a Saturday morning, watching your friends receive news of sponsorship or letters from the families who have chosen them.  Imagine months passing without receiving the news that someone has chosen to take you under their wing and sponsor you.


Sponsor a Waiting Child from Compassion International on Vimeo.

While the child starts to receive help with education and health care as soon as they are registered, it is the connection with a sponsor that brings a while new level of self esteem and joy to the child.

As I look through the Compassion website on a weekly basis, I search and look through the children who have been labeled “longest waiting”. I look at faces and click on bios and pray over the children by name.

My heart is with those children who are wishing and hoping and waiting.

Will you join me in praying over these children? If so, please follow this link to view and lift up those that are still waiting.

Maybe the Lord is even calling you end the wait for one of these children today. If you sponsor a child now, you will receive a free Compassion scrap book! A praise report to share – the young man I shared on my last post was sponsored!!

(Full disclosure: Compassion is offering a gift certificate to their store to the three blogs that generate the most traffic and have the most click-throughs during the next week. If you’d like to help me win, please click this link. )