Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

  • Temps are rising here in the boonies, which means that all of our beautiful snow is melting away and revealing a whole lot of mud. What an odd winter we’re having here in New York!


  • My day was brightened when I went to the mailbox and found a wonderful and encouraging card from a friend.  What a blessing it is to receive some love in a sunny yellow envelope!


  • Regarding the painful situation I wrote about last week, we have had a little bit of a breakthrough. I thank all of you who have lifted our family member up in prayer, as well as our entire family.  There is a long road before us, but some of the weight has been lifted for the moment.


  • I wanted to share just a hint of the entertainment we’re blessed with on any given day.  Last night, our five year old did a little dance to a PureNRG song called “When I Get To Heaven”. Don’t ask me where Luna gets her dance moves, but she cracks me up!  (The video uploaded much darker than it showed on my computer, but I turn on an overhead light 40 seconds into the show.)


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The week has started off pretty good for our family and I hope that the same could be said for you and yours!