Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten Random Things

Today, I will treat you to ten random tidbits about yours truly.

  • For the first time in my adult life, I have a matching set of dishes, thanks to a Christmas Gift.  Up to this point, we’ve had a few of this kind of plate and a couple of that kind of plate. Now, I smile when I open my cupboard and see a stack of cheerful rainbow dishes sitting there.


  • I have had my nose pierced for seventeen years now! Wow, does that seem like a long time! I’m not as “alternative” as I used to be, but I love wearing a hoop and can imagine myself being an old lady and still rocking the nosering!


  • I have an awesome big sister named Stacy. We have so many great memories of our childhood and, looking back, we really did get along so well.  I was a bit of a pesty younger sister, but the five year age difference didn’t keep us from having lots of fun!


  • I am a bit of a compulsive reader.  I’m not just talking about books, but also random things like the backs of shampoo bottles. This is why the internet can be such a dangerous thing for me.  When I started hearing about the newest craze, Chia Seeds, I wanted to read up on them and ended up spending over an hour reading three dozen websites and all sorts of reviews on them.  I may have passed this characteristic on to our Kaya, who tries to do things like fold laundry while reading a book.


  • In August, our family got our first aquarium in response to Luna’s birthday request to have a pet fish.  Little did I know how much I would come to love keeping and watching the little swimmers! I had heard that having an aquarium can reduce stress and now I believe it!

IMG_9565 (We have seven fish, all named by my girls. They would not stay still for this picture, no matter how much I pleaded! They are Carrot, Mickey, Sylvia, Picasso, Panda Rose, Kenya, and Africa.)

  • This coming Sunday, I’ll be playing the djembe drum with our church’s Worship Team again. It is cathartic, in a way, to use a talent that culminated from my ol’ hippie partying days in a new way to worship our God.

drummin[3] (Hippies.)

  • Last night, my husband had me laughing so hard that my sides were aching and I was gasping for breath. I love that something as silly as doing a seated tap-dance routine to a goofy song can crack us both up.  Truth is, I am laughing again just picturing it in my head. :snicker:


  • I am looking forward to getting some snow.  To date, we’ve had just one day with enough snow to get out and sled, then it melted away again. I find this odd and a bit disconcerting. I like winter in New York and I love the cozy feeling of being in our warm house as the snow falls and builds up outside!


  • For Christmas, Kaya bought me the sweetest little ceramic bird.  On its belly, it says, “You’re so thoughtful.”  The little birdy sits on my nightstand and I look at it every morning and throughout my day.  It reminds me to do what I can to live up to this motto.


  • It is already after ten in the morning and I need to get up and get motivated!  My workout is done for the day, but I have a to-do list that includes my daily household tasks as well as bringing in the firewood that is stacked outside.

I hope you have a wonderful day!