Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Mail Call (With a Side Order of Technical Glitches!)

(Sorry for the re-post!  Looks like IntenseDebate comments are crashing when someone comments on the blog through a mobile device.  Trying to figure out how to fix that.  In the meantime, I had to delete one comment and post this again!)

Seems like we’ve had less Happy Dances at the mailbox than I am used to over the last few months.  Our Precious, who used to send us two letters a month, hasn’t been heard from since November. For a while, it was rare to go a whole week without hearing from one of our kids.

So, Monday Mail Call posts haven’t been popping up every week, like they used to.

We did hear from our Kazihizina last week, though!

 Compassion 019

She is 16, but a project worker still writes letters for her. I do wonder why that is.  I know that, when she was assigned to us as a Correspondent Child, she had been dropped by several sponsors and had gone years without so much as a letter.  I imagine there may be a level of distrust in getting attached to a sponsor. While I would love to have a letter directly from her and create a strong sponsor/child bond, I just do my best to send lots of love and support and lift her up in prayer.

Kazihizina’s letter tells us that she was on a break from school and will be entering P5 when school starts up again in January. She asks for support and prayers so that she will do well. 

We’re told it is the rainy season in Rwanda and they have planted beans, corn, potatoes and ground nuts. The letter says she would also like to know about our news.

The letter is just a few lines and we likely will not hear from her again for three or four months. In cases like this, it can be difficult for sponsors to really feel connected to children who rarely write and do not share much information.

My advice would be to remember that God connected you with this child for a reason. We may need to learn the lesson of pouring our love and effort into a child with whom we may never really form a close bond. We may never know the kind of impact we will have by being faithful in writing, in prayer and in loving someone who may not reach back with the same love.

Have you heard from any of your sponsor children lately?  I’d love to hear about your letters!  Leave a comment or, if you’ve blogged about them, please feel free to link up below!