Friday, December 2, 2011

Links I Love


It has been a while since I have written a “Links I Love” post! I’ve had a few sites I had been wanting to share with my readers.

First on the list is Come Together Trading Company!

If you are looking to purchase some gifts for loved ones, I highly recommend looking through the beautiful items in stock at CTTC!

From their About Us page:

“On a trip to Africa with Compassion International we met so many incredible people who were living in extreme poverty.
Although they were poor in resources, they were spiritually rich! They had a joy and a faith like we'd never seen. We honestly felt like we were the ones who were poor... spiritually poor. Our lives were changed forever and after returning home we realized we had to do something!
So Come Together Trading was founded on the simple idea that if we could just "Come Together" we could help one another. Doing business together through Fair Trade is one way we have found to do that.”

Now, I am not much of a shopper, but I can look through the Come Together Trading Company website for quite some time and see many beautiful products I would love to own.

Beautiful scarves from Asia….

Cotton Striped Netting Scarf With Tassels

Lovely basket totes from Africa….

Bolga Shoppers with Leather Handles


Sweet nativity ornaments from Peru…

Cacti Nativity Ornament

And there is SO much more to be found!

If you haven’t hopped over to Come Together Trading Company yet, you should definitely go and check it out!

Moving on, as the team has been home from Ghana, my friends JD, Debra and Tia have all been blogging and sharing the thoughts that are being processed after re-entry.

Compassion Can

Tangled up in Blue

The Road to Ghana

If the stories from Ghana have pulled at your heart, you will want to keep up with the ladies as they share more details and reflections.

Lastly, today I’d like to thank everyone who has donated towards my “someday trip” to Ghana!  I am just so blessed by your support! It means so much to me!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!