Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday’s This & That

Around the house… Vivaldi is on the radio while my girls work on their learning.  The woodstove is going and several of the pets have been drawn to the warmth and are snoozing peacefully nearby.

Outside of the window… most of the trees have lost their leaves, but I can still enjoy watching squirrel acrobatics on the bare branches.  The furry little guys have been collecting nuts at a frenzied pace and they are so entertaining to watch!

My week… has been an exercise in restraint and balance.  A few times last week, I had been given a clear message about time-management and priorities. While I deeply love advocating for Compassion and my ministry to the children and sponsors of the organization, I also can find myself devoting more time to the cause than to other things. On any given week, I can spend up to and over 30 hours on Compassion related activities, including time spent reading blogs by those who share my passion. 

Fueled by the thrill of finding sponsors for children and inspiring sponsors in their personal ministries, as well as the knowledge that I am being used by God, I could easily devote many more hours a week.

However, with only so many hours in the day, it has become easy for me to let other things slide.  The overwhelming message that has been placed on my heart lately is the reminder that my time and energy needs to be spent wisely.  Balance is key.  My first ministry needs to be to my home and my family that God has blessed me with. With that, I need to keep my online time in check and be mindful of the daily balance.

My prayers…  have been with my friends JD and Debra as they prepare for their trip to Ghana. They still have some fundraising to do, and could use help financially and in prayer. 

Ghana : Trusting in the Provider

I am so thrilled that they will be able to help with the building of the school but I also know that the trip will not be easy.  I can only imagine how difficult it will be to see the reality of children who are held as slaves in the fishing industry on Lake Volta. To know that, for as many children have been rescued by Mr. Achibra, there are many more who still wake early each morning and spend every day on the boats.

When we have the feeling that we cannot do much from the sidelines, we need to remember the importance of prayer.  Everyone is capable of devoting some time in prayer.  Will you join me in praying for this trip, the children of Lake Volta and those who desire to rescue them from their captivity?

For those who sponsor a child in GH220… would you please do me a favor and contact me through the contact form?

  Please let me know the full name of your child there and I will pass it on to JD, who may be able to take some extra photos of your child if all of the project children are there when they visit GH220 on the 8th. (By contacting me through the form on the right, I will also have your email address on file and will be able to email pictures to you after the trip!)

Lastly, a few photos from this week…




The mornings have been frosty, here in the boonies, but I am thankful for our warm home and efficient woodstove.

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