Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Praise

What a week it has been!

Much of the week was spent lifting up our friends in Ghana and praying for their mission.

Truthfully, my mind has been in Ghana quite a bit.

This post about JD and company meeting Precious and her family is such a gift to us.  One that I could read ten, twenty, thirty times in a day and each time it gives me tingles, makes me cry and my heart swell.

I find myself thinking, “I’m not worthy of all of of this…” ~ This experience, this path, these treasures and these families. But, I am so thankful.

Then, I look at the two beautiful girls that God has placed in our home. 

Luna, full of spunk, belts out praise songs at the top of her voice and encourages everyone around her to put their hands up and praise the Lord.

Kaya, with her deeply generous heart, again gives away some of her birthday presents to friends and her sister, just like she’s done every year since she was two.

My husband, who has worked over 100 hours in the last two weeks, spends part of his Saturday (his only day off in two weeks AND his birthday) helping a friend put a roof on their house.

Reflecting on all that I am blessed with, I am so thankful.  Thankful beyond what can be put into words.

Sharing this song with you this morning. I hope that you have a blessed day!