Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Praise

A friend posted this video on Facebook during the week.

Aren’t little Mandi and Olivia so cute?

Well, this video, along with the others posted by Mandi’s mom, have inspired my Kaya Jade to work at learning some Jamie Grace songs on the keyboard.  She spent over five hours yesterday, figuring out chords.


First thing this morning, she’s back at the keyboard bright and early!

Little does she know that on her birthday on Friday, she will be getting her very own ukulele! (That is, if UPS delivers it on time!) To top it off, this morning I found a message on Facebook from a local friend who has a student guitar that they’d like to pass on to Kaya as well.  Exciting!

Kaya has always loved to sing, but it took seeing another sweet little girl playing music to inspire her to give it a try herself!

In other news, my friends JD, Debra and Tia could use your prayers.  Their travels to Ghana have been filled with bumps along the way.

First, JD had trouble with her ticket, as you can read on this post: Ticket Revoked.

Then, Debra’s flight to Dulles was delayed for hours and hours.

Then, she made it to Dulles with barely enough time to board the flight to Ghana.  Once on board, they were all told to get off of the plane because of an issue with the hydraulics and their flight was postponed for 14 hours.  This jeopardizes their visits to two of JD’s Compassion children on Monday.

Please, will you join me in praying that these hurdles are pushed aside and that they can get to Ghana without any more issues?

I’ll keep you posted as thei trip progresses, or you can follow on their Facebook page: Child Slavery Rescue Mission