Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Posting Through Tears

As you know, my friends are in Ghana right now and if you've been following the journey on JD's blog, you know that it started out with one bump after another. We were told that yesterday was the day that they were supposed to stop by the GH220 project and meet our Precious, but through the course of the day I started to wonder if another hurdle had kept them from making that appointment.

My attempts to limit internet time were thrown out the window as I left FB on for most of the afternoon and evening, checking for word from anyone from the team.

Finally, a post from JD popped up and then one from Debra. I held my breath, waiting to see if they would post about some obstacle that kept them from visiting the children.

Then, Debra said this,” Michelle, We can not even WAIT to share our experience with Precious with you. :)”

I exhaled with relief and joy and then the tears came.

Tears of joy and tears of love slid down my cheek. The love we feel for our beautiful children around the world is really quite miraculous. It is a strong and solid heart connection that can reach across oceans.

I went to bed hoping that there might be some more info or even some pictures available this morning.

JD was able to post a couple of photos on Facebook overnight and I woke up to the loveliest of sights.

PrincePreciousKenneth Prince, Precious and Kenneth in their classroom at the GH220 Child Development Center.

I absolutely lost it when I laid my eyes on the second picture, though.


Our beautiful, beautiful, wonderful, lovely girl, Precious.

Everytime I look into these eyes, mine tear up.

With these wonderful pictures to gaze upon, I can wait for the details of JD and Debra’s visit with Precious. If you want to read about their visit with their other sponsor children, you can do so here: Ghana : Day Threesig