Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Mail Call

It would be an understatement to say that this has been a blessed week as far as Compassion International is concerned.

JD’s post about her visit with our Precious has been read countless times by the members of our family.  Personally, I can’t get through it without crying and my heart fluttering. It has blessed us all in ways that cannot be put into words.

Then, as if that was not enough, we’ve been showered with letters from our Compassion family around the world.

We heard from Yishak in Ethiopia.

Compassion 041

Yishak’s letters have been few and far between and they are generally very brief.  This most recent letter was a bit longer than the previous ones. He tells us how he is now registered in 8th grade for this new academic year which started on September 2nd.

Then, he shares that he has heard of adults and children that have been dying abroad by a flood and that he is praying about them with sorrow. He asks if we are paying about them.  I’m not sure what he is referring to here, but we get a glimpse into his emotions, which is new for us.

He ends the letter by saying that he bought a set of complete clothes and a pair of shoes with his birthday gift and the remainder was given to him “on hand”. The last sentence says, “I love you and I am happy for what God did for me.”

This was our seventh letter from Yishak in the two years that we’ve corresponded with him and that was our very first “I love you” from him.  A special letter, for sure!

We also heard from Precious this week.

DSC_6344 Ghana2011 SMALL Like all of her letters, this one was written by the project staff on her behalf.  She didn’t have much new to say, but I loved the drawings on the back which had a lovely yellow dress among the other items.  I can see the progress in her drawings and love seeing what things she draws for us.

I cannot wait to see what she has to say about her visit with JD and company!  Letters from her take just 3-4 weeks to arrive, so we won’t have to wait long!

We received two letters from our Rodrigo in Bolivia!

RodrigopicnikLetters from Rodrigo have been coming more frequently and he is such a sweet boy who shares interesting details about his life.

“Dear friends,

I send you greetings. I thank you for all that you offer me and I am happy to count you as my sponsors.

The weather has changed here and it is now just getting cold in the mornings and nights. Now we enter school earlier.  I like to go to school to meet with my classmates. We are in the 2nd quarter exams and I will do my best to get good grades and help my classmates. We also had parades and all the schools went to march and each one had their band that played different instruments like drums, zampona, bass drum and lyre. They played different rhythms and they practiced so much.

There is a song that we sing so much at the student center and it says, “We are little soldiers, servants of the Lord…”

So long with love,


Just a week later, he wrote this letter:

“Hello dear friends,

I greet you in the name of the Lord. Thanks for the letters that you sent to me. I am so glad to be able to write to you.

It is getting very hot here. I am studying hard. I like to attend the project of Compassion and I am learning many things. I’m studying hard. (I wonder if he is studying hard?)

We have learned about Jesus and Creation.  I have good friends.  I think that Colorado is an interesting state because you went to know the brothers and sisters of Compassion.  I’ve never been in an airplane but I think that it is an amazing experience.

We are in the spring and flowers are growing. Everything is beautiful.

The project of Compassion went to an excursion and went to the museum of Pedro Domingo Murillo but I couldn’t participate because I had to take a test. My friends told me that they learned an interesting history. I say goodbye with a lot of affection,


Aren’t his letters wonderful?  When I read about our history-loving boy missing a trip to the museum, I was heartbroken for him.  He has told us many times how much he loves learning about history and old things.

So I used my Google-Fu skills and searched for websites in Spanish that talked about this museum.  I was able to copy quite a bit of text from various sites as well as pictures. I pasted everything into a word document and sent the little booklet to Rodrigo the same day we got his letter.  It may not be like getting to visit the museum, but hopefully he will “learn an interesting history” from the pages!

On Saturday, we received a bigger beige envelope from Compassion, which sometimes means there is a photo inside.  I tore into it to find that I was right!  We' were blessed with a “just because” photo of Alice in Kenya with her family!


That is our sweet Alice in the back.  I love her smile!


I was so happy to get a picture of Alice with her parents and sister. What an unexpected blessing!

Alice’s letter was also written in English instead of Swahili, like the previous ones have been.

Dear friends,

First, I hank our heavenly Father for giving us the chance to write to each other.

:insert heart melting here:

I hope that you are fine with my sisters Nico, Kaya and Luna. I’ve received your letters and the wonderful books.  I was so happy that I started coloring Jesus Is Alive.

Our house is made up of timber. We have two bedroom and one living room. Before I got a new mattress from you I used to share the bed with my sister.  In our church we have learned a memory verse Matthew 5:3-10.  I want to tell you that my talent is athletics. What is your talent? I am thanking you also because of the gifts you have sent me. I bought many things like pull-over, mattress, socks, books and pens.

In our family, we have a new born baby and she is a girl.  It is my sister’s baby. (She has two older sisters, and I am assuming that one of them had a baby.) In your family do you have anything new? I want to tell you that my favorite teacher is called teacher Esther and my favorite animal is a dog.  I like dogs because they are good. When I grow up I want to be a doctor.

May you pray for me to live many yeas on this earth. I will also pray for you and your family. God bless you.

Your friend,


This letter was so sweet and I was impressed with Alice’s English!

Monday’s are usually great mail days for us, but I am going to publish this post before the mail comes.  I’ve got a cold that is kicking my behind and the body aches and chills make the 1/4 mile walk to the mailbox in cold drizzle sound less than appealing. (I don’t do it often, but I may just drive to the mailbox later today! lol )

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