Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday’s This & That

Outside of the window… the wind is tossing colored leaves around and it looks like an orange gold rain is falling.  This past week flaunted brilliant foliage, but now the leaves are falling at a rapid pace.

This is what our area looked like recently.




Simply beautiful!

Around the house… our favorite Christian radio station is playing One True God while Kaya works on a story she is writing and Luna draws some pictures.  Jay isn’t home from work yet.

Week in review…  A few days ago, one of our fish died after a short sickness.  We kind of knew it was coming, but little Luna still wanted to take a look at Night’s lifeless body and say goodbye. Her chin quivered and her eyes started to tear up, but suddenly she took a deep breath and said, “Well we might as well feed him to our cats! They like fish!”  I snorted before I could stop myself.  Kids say the darndest things!

Jay started work on a cottage on the lake and I started up a blog to track his progress. Like the project itself, the site is under construction, but he liked what I came up with so far! Anchor Beam Construction

This morning, we went shopping for some goodies for Precious and her family.  As I shared before, my friend JD is going to Ghana next month! Not only will she be meeting her sponsored children and building a school for children rescued from slavery on Lake Volta, she will also be meeting our beloved Precious!  I get so excited even thinking about it!

We picked out lots of goodies for Precious along with her parents, grandmother and siblings.


While it is a blessing to be able to send some gifts to our family in Ghana, it is tough deciding exactly what to get!  In the end, I think they will enjoy these items! Now, to repackage and efficiently pack everything and get it to the group heading to Ghana!

I am praying mightily for JD and company as they finish up last minute details of this upcoming trip.  I cannot wait to see the pictures and read the reports of this incredible journey!

Today, I received a package with the free mini business cards I was able to order through 

IMG_8807Aren’t they neat?  The free offer was through Klout which is connected (somehow?) to Twitter.  We also received a free $25 code for EcoMom and got a three pack of Piggy Paint non-toxic nail polish. If you’re on Twitter, you should join Klout and take advantage of some freebies!

As the sun is setting on this day, it is time to get bath and shower time rolling for my girls and start our bedtime routine.  It has been a great day and a wonderful week!

I hope the same is true for you!