Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One By One…

…the days are counting down until my friends, JD and Debra, get on a jet and head to Ghana.

When I first heard about their plans, November seemed so far away. Now, their trip begins in less than two weeks.

In the last few months, I have cheered my friends on as I have watched God do amazing things to make this trip come to pass. (Amen.)  Proof that, when God is in it, seemingly gigantic tasks can become manageable.

My heart and prayers have been with the children of Lake Volta.  Children made to work in fishing boats, or worse.

When I look at this young boy, probably the age of our sweet Luna Blue, my heart literally aches. Tears well up into my eyes to think of what his reality must be like.

And, I am thankful for men like Mr. George Achibra, who works so hard to bring freedom to these children.

In less than two weeks, my friends will start the building of more classroom space at the Village of Life. Currently, they could use some more donations toward their various travel costs.  I would like to ask if you could possibly donate even just a few dollars to help them in their journey. (You can donate via credit/debit card or Paypal through the link provided.)

Just like our sweet homeschool community discovered, pennies make dollars. Every little bit helps when added together for one big cause.


Even if you can’t donate, please join me in praying for travel mercies for the group going to Ghana, as well as successful building and ministering to the children of Village of Life and for those children who are still working long, dangerous hours on Lake Volta.