Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday, Monday….

And you know what that means!  Mail Call!

Last week, we received another letter from our Rodrigo in Bolivia.

Compassion 036

Is seems as if, over the last 6 months, we have been blessed to receive more and more letters from this sweet boy.

Rodrigo says:

Thank you for the letter and picture to color. (We had sent hummingbird coloring sheets in the spring.) My brother likes riding on the skate and I like playing soccer. My sister likes riding the bicycle. (I had asked about their favorite outdoor activities.)

In my country, it is cold. I also went to the town of Cantapa and I stayed there on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and I helped with things of the house. (I believe that his grandmother lives in Cantapa.)

Here in Bolivia, in the city of La Paz, there aren’t any animals of this kind (hummingbirds), it is a dry and cold place.

In the Center, I’ve learned about sin and that Jesus carried on the cross the sins of the whole world and suffered a lot. We read the Bible in 1 John 2:2.

In this time, the weather is colder and windy.  I have just been in Winter vacations and I enjoyed a lot of soccer with my siblings.

I say goodbye with lots of love,


We also heard from Kwagala Deborah, the young lady from Uganda that is co-sponsored by our family and many other generous Blogging From The Boonies readers.


In her second letter to us, Kwagala Deborah tells us a bit more about the Capstone Children’s home where she and her youngest sister live. While it is heartbreaking that her family situation has her living in a children’s home, it does seem like the place where she is staying is decent.  They pray, read the Bible as well as play games like volleyball and netball and also play music. 

This year, KD hopes to do well in grade 7 so that she will progress to Senior One next year.  With her dream to become a teacher, I have been trying to encourage her and our family also prays that she does well with her education. 

Kwagala closes the letter with Proverbs 11:30. As I read that, I wonder if she has been enjoying the Bible that was purchased for her by our group and was delivered by my friend Sherry.


While Mondays almost always bring a Happy Dance at the mailbox, today’s walk out there resulted in wet hair, thanks to the rain, and a few catalogs. 

Have you heard from any of your sponsored children recently?