Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Mail Call!

That’s right, it is Monday!  You know what that means.  Mail call!

Last week, we received a letter from our Rodrigo in Bolivia.

Compassion 052

Such a sweet boy he is.  I just love hearing from him!  In this most recent letter he shares:

“I thank you so much for the letters that you sent me.  That is so good for me! Here, I am fine with all my family.  My gratitude to God.

My school winter vacation is over.  I am again in classes but weather is still cold.  It is is hard to get up early.  In the school I learn with my partners. I am doing all of my lessons.  In my free time I am in the street playing ball with my siblings.

My parents do not come to church still.  I ask God that one day my parents will be in the church.

Here in the student center, I am learning about the birth of Jesus.  He was growing as we all do.

That is all.  I wish that you will get this letter soon.  Thank you very much for the affection you give to me.

With love, Rodrigo”

Will you join me in praying for Rodrigo’s parents, Juan and Feliza? I would love for Rodrigo’s prayers to become reality and that his parents will join him in church on Sundays.

We also heard from Precious in Ghana.

Compassion 028

She told us about the gifts we were able to send to Ghana with someone else who travelled there. 

They say that you have shown a real and true love to them.”

Out of the entire letter, this sentence moved me like no other. I have had others allude to how strange it is to have a bond with some family we’ve never met.  Beyond any words I could choose to describe, it IS a real and true love. I am so thankful that Precious’ family knows that they are in our hearts.

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