Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Mail Call (and Praises!)

Before I get to today’s Mail Call, I‘d just like to share a praise report about sweet Jemima, the little girl I featured here on Saturday.

Last night, I turned on the computer and saw this wonderful message in my inbox.

“Michelle, I've been thinking about sponsoring a child and as I decided to do that, I found your post about Jemima. As soon as I saw her I knew she was mine! We even share the same birthday! :) So I just wanted to stop by here and thank you for connecting me with little Jemima and I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for amazingly blessing my life to be able to help this precious little girl. God is good!! :) Many blessings to you and your family my dear friend!
With gratitude and joy,
~ Katia “

God is certainly in the details! This is another instance where I have seen Him use something like a shared birthday or name to help draw a sponsor to a child. Let us rejoice for Jemima and her new sponsor Katia!  Thank you so much Katia!

Now, on to the Mail Call!

Last week, we heard from our Precious in Ghana!

Compassion 028

We learned that her new baby sister is named Gloria.  Precious asked about the types of games we like to play and tells us, with the help of a project worker, that she is learning to read.  As usual, Precious says that she continues to pray for Jay’s business and she also shared John 3:16 with us.

We also recently received our first letter from beautiful Kwagala Deborah.


As you may remember, this is the young lady that is co-sponsored by our family and many faithful blog readers. (You can read more or contribute here.)

The introductory letter didn’t share much information that we didn’t already know.  A few weeks after sponsoring KD, a friend went to Uganda and met her and also brought gifts.  My wonderful friend took lots of notes when visiting and she gave us a wonderful collection of info about our beautiful girl. 

Sweet Kwagala has had a hard start in life, but she is looking forward to a future of being a teacher.  From the gentle and wise countenance that shows on her face, I think she will be a fantastic teacher.

Did you receive any letters recently?

(Remember to put the name of the blog post in the “Name” box!)

Lastly today, I have two sweet girls that I would like to share with all of you.  Like Jemima, these girls pull at my heart with their gaunt faces and ratty clothes.

matate Little Matate, with her thin build, holey clothing and bare feet, could use someone to step up and show her that she is special, loved and that she matters.

Click here to see her profile on the Compassion website.

Next is Judith, also called Kakra.


Such a skinny little six year old she is!  She also shows an orange tinge to her hair and distended belly. See Judith’s profile here.

Will you join me in praying for these two and sharing their information with others?