Thursday, September 1, 2011

Water of Life Revisited

I was disappointed to learn yesterday that Compassion International didn’t win the Twitter #twakeover contest.  Despite a ton of support from fans of CI, somebody else came in first with a lead of less than 200 votes.

This contest could have brought a lot of awareness for Compassion’s Water of Life initiative. You can read more about Water of Life by going to this post.

The reality is that many mothers around the world only have water like this to offer their children.


The difference that the Water of Life filters make is crystal clear.

In losing the Twitter contest, Compassion lost a lot of potential buzz.  I’d like to ask my readers to help Compassion and the Water of Life initiative by spreading the word.

Share this Water of Life link on your social networking sites and create a blog post to spread the word. You can also go to the link above to make a one-time donation.  If you don’t have $55 to spare, do not fret.  You can make a donation of any amount to go towards the funding of the filters.

If you share or donate to the Water of Life fund, come back and leave a comment telling me so.  You will be entered to win a size medium Compassion International tee as can be seen in this post. (Winner must have a US mailing address and will be chosen on Tuesday, September 6th.)

Thank you so much for helping this cause!