Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday’s This & That

Around the house… there is the cozy feeling that comes with everyone being inside on a cool and rainy Autumn day.  Jay is working on drawings for his upcoming job and the girls are laying low after a few days of having friends over.

Outside… Autumn’s beauty can be seen even though it has been raining off and on for a few days.
















I am thankful for… a prospect of a job that should get us through the Winter months.  Since Jay has gone back to being self employed, we were really hoping that he would be able to sign a job that would last through the winter, which is usually slow for carpenter-contractors.

I’m also thankful for recent events that have brought our family closer to God.  Like most people do, we find ourselves drifting from time to time.  Our faith remains, but sometimes we aren’t as active as we should be in pursuing time on the Word or in prayer.  “Stuff” gets in the way. It is always refreshing to be reminded that we need to turn to Him.

Some highlights of the week… A local paper printed a story that I shared about our sweet Precious in Ghana and how she has forever changed our perspective.  You may have seen the Precious Perspective post that Compassion International posted on their blog. The paper’s story was similar but had a bit more information on what CI does.

IMG_8458 I’ve been contacted by a few people who read the story and I pray that the message reaches those with an open heart.  (If you’re here after seeing my story in the Pennysaver, I would love to hear from you!  Feel free to leave a comment below or connect with me on Facebook or through email!)

Another highlight to the week was serving together with my family, cleaning and organizing a little shop run by my church.  People donate items and they are offered for free for those in need.  Those who can pay are free to pay whatever they can for the items they take.  My husband has been blessed with a knack for organization, so he really helped the project along.  The girls were also eager to clean and organize.  It really was wonderful  to work together as a family and help as we could.

Overall, it has been a week for learning and growing.  I am most thankful for the lessons we are being taught. 

How has your week been?