Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Praises!

Now, normally, I visit Youtube on Sunday mornings to pick a video to share.  I didn’t do so this morning because I was struggling with some neighbor issues that carried over from last night.

Truthfully, I was very frustrated with some inconsiderate behavior that has affected our family’s ability to enjoy quiet evenings and restful slumber.  I allowed my annoyance to grow and grow to a point where it was really just about all I could focus on.

Then, we went to church.  Just like on so many Sundays before, the words spoken by my Pastor were like direct arrows to my heart.  Wisdom, peace and direction came my way and I hope to utilize some suggestions the next time we are kept awake by blaring music, drunken whooping and firecrackers.

My praises today are for the way that Sunday morning teachings always seem to set me straight and direct my path. I am so thankful for my church and my church-family.

I also want to praise the amazing way the sponsors from Compassion International project GH220 in Ghana have come together to provide a financial gift for that Child Development Center.

I am amazed at the $250 that was raised!  What a wonderful gift for this project that does such a great job!  I plan to call in the gift tomorrow afternoon, so this is a last call for anyone else that would like to pitch in!  Clicking the widget takes you to a secure payment site that accepts credit/debit cards and Paypal.

My thanks to everyone who donated so far!  What a blessing!

Happy Sunday!  I’ll see you tomorrow for another Mail Call Monday post!