Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mail Call!

(Whoops!  I typed this post up yesterday morning and forgot to publish it!  Usually it is Mail Call Monday, but hopefully this is better late than never!)

Every time I make the trek to our mailbox, I wonder if we will be blessed to find a letter from one of our Compassion International children.  Those letters bring us such joy, a connection with each beautiful child in our family.

This past week brought a letter from our sweet Bertille from Burkina Faso.  Thanks to the HeART for Compassion watercolor paintings I created in April, I was able to send out financial gifts to several of our children.

We found out that Bertille bought a new dress and pair of shoes with the gift we sent to her.


Isn’t she so beautiful? While I am happy when our children buy things like food, mattresses and livestock, I am also so blessed when they buy something that helps them feel special and fancy. 

Have you heard from your Compassion International sponsor child recently? I would love to hear about your letters!  Please feel free to share in a comment, or if you’ve published a blog post with your letters, you can link up below!  (Remember to write the name of the blog post in the “Name” box!)