Friday, September 9, 2011

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like….


Well, we still have a few months before it is time to deck the halls but I received word this week that Compassion International is now ready to receive Christmas cards for unsponsored children.

This is a wonderful program and a great way to send some joy to those children who are waiting to be chosen by a loving sponsor.  You are welcome to send our Christmas cards to bring some joy to unsponsored children in the program.

Here are the details!

Send your Christmas cards to:

Compassion International

Attn: Suzanne Hall

Colorado Springs CO 80997

Cards need to be received by Compassion no later than November 4th. This year they are asking that we not send attachments with the cards, such as photographs and stickers.

When we have done this in the past, we have written on just the right hand side of the card so that the left hand is available for translation.  We pray over each card, for the child that will be receiving the card. 

Our messages are somewhat short and they do have to a bit generic because we never know who will receive the card.  Encouraging messages like, “God has a plan for you and your life.” are suitable for all ages and we also wrote Proverbs 3:5 of many cards. Let the Lord guide you as you write out messages for these children and trust that He will direct each card to the child that needs it!

In other Compassion news, a member of OurCompassion pointed out the new video introductions on some online profiles from children from Ghana.  Our family watched several of this this morning and thought they were so nicely done.  How great to be able to watch a video of the children as the project staff shares basic info about each child.

Little Albert's request at the end made us all laugh!

The way Felicity waves and runs off at the end is so cute!

I wonder if this is something that will be available for more children in the future.  I imagine it is a labor intensive project to take on, but it is fantastic to get this glimpse of the children!

We’re off to a Not-Back-To-School picnic soon, whish should be fun!  I hope you have a great day!