Monday, September 19, 2011

It is Monday! Mail Call!!

Every Monday, I like to share a little from the letters we’ve received from our Compassion International children throughout the week. These letters bring such joy to our family and I have to admit to doing a Happy Dance at the mailbox when I find one of the much-anticipated cream envelopes waiting for me.

Last week, we received three letters.

The first was a form letter from our Precious in Ghana.

Compassion 028

This form letter was created to share information about the Summer break from school. The little tidbits we learn help us to get a better understanding of Precious’ day to day life.

We learn that, while at the project, she reads, writes, draws, prays and plays. At home she goes on errands, plays with friends and cleans bowls. While reading this, I catch myself daydreaming about our lovely girl playing, imagining her playing Ampe with her friends and siblings.

Ampe is a very popular game in some African communities and our family looked it up on YouTube to see how it is played.

At church, we are told, Precious sings, prays, learns God’s Word and dances. My mind drifts to images I have seen of African churches where the praise includes whooping, clapping and celebratory dancing.

Listed under the “Other” column, we learn that Precious also likes to watch TV. I wonder where she watches and also what kind of shows are available in Ghana. In the drawing section on the back, she drew a house with a chair and TV inside and also a larger picture of a television with two people on the screen. She also dre a teee, a book and some sort of fruit.

Next we heard from little Madina in Uganda.

Compassion 022

The letter opens with a greeting and then, “I love you and pray for you.” My heart melts. In the letter, we are told many things about Madina, including the fact that she likes to share and play with friends. She enjoys school. She also shares a long list of community helpers and tells us that she might like to grow up to be a medical worker that treats children and old people. Madina also shares that she likes going to the project center and she learns Bible stories, prays, worships and memorizes verses. At church, she likes to sing in the choir.

A letter from Mkapa in Tanzania also came for us this week.

mkapaface “I love you so much and I greet you in the name of Jesus.” Cue the lump in my throat. Makapa told us that he and his family really enjoyed the letter I wrote about hummingbirds this spring. I sent along a coloring sheet of a hummingbird hovering near a flower and he “liked it so much”. While the letter was short, the first sentence was so sweet that he could have just written that and I would have been happy. What a sweet boy!

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