Wednesday, September 28, 2011

He is in Control

This past week and a half has been full of wonder for my husband and I. More times that I can count, we’ve seen some sort of common theme run through our day or have had one “coincidence” or another lead to the blessing of a wonderfully orchestrated opportunity.

One example, in the last week or two, the topic of alcohol has come up a number of times. Maybe we are sensitive to this more than others because of my husband’s past history and the fact that he struggled with alcoholism. So, as we’ve dealt with neighbors’ drunken hooting and hollering and have noticed more and more people that we know drinking with increased frequency, it has been a topic of quite a few of our conversations. We’ve been concerned about those that we’re seeing take this path, but we had also fallen into a somewhat judgmental and condescending attitude about it.

On Sunday afternoon, my husband had to run an errand and he suddenly felt directed to go to an AA meeting. Not because he had any desire to drink himself, but because of the recurring theme of our week and the fact that he felt like he could use a bit of perspective and maybe a change in attitude. It “just so happened” that he was in the right place at the right time that evening, and he was right on time for a Sunday evening meeting he had gone to many times before. In fact, it was at that particular meeting several years ago that he befriended the man who ended up bringing him to the Lord.

The topic called that evening was “coincidentally” about attitude.

During the course of the evening, Jay reconnected with many old friends from the rooms and also met some new ones. During a conversation with a new member, Jay happened to find out about a nearby rehab that needed someone to come and speak. Jay had been really wanting to get back into some sort of outreach ministry. Given his past story, he has a great testimony for those who have had issues with addiction.

We sit back and marvel at a series of events that led to our change in perspective and Jay’s opportunity to reach out and possibly make a difference to those who are struggling with alcohol issues.

Amazingly enough, this example is just one out of probably a half dozen different circumstances where we have seen or felt God’s presence and direction in our lives in the recent week or two. In fact, last night, we received a random phone call from an old friend that we had been talking about more and more this last week. I’ve been feeling led to pray for this friend who I missed so much. When he called last night, as Jay and I were in the kitchen talking, I could only laugh and shake my head at yet another “coincidence”.

Another instance that Jay and I laughed about ~ I was involved in a discussion online and was about to post a reply that was fueled by emotion and worded in a stronger way than was necessary. All of a sudden, Google Chrome totally crashed. It has never done that on this computer. Chrome remained down long enough for me to take a breath, rethink my need to respond and walk away.

As I sit back and think through the events of the last week, I know that God is making himself known for a reason. We are having very hard times with my step-daughter Nico. We haven’t seen her in nearly two months and we can’t seem to connect by phone, yet we know that she is taking a path that concerns us. It would be easy to let this consume my thoughts and wreck my emotions as it has in the past. Watching friends and family teeter on slippery slopes and drift from their path with God is difficult. Yet, when I start to feel anxiety and panic creep in, there is this message.

Don’t you see My hand in your life? I am here. I am in control. I know the beginning from the end. Fear not for I am with you.”

The tension is replaced with the peace that passes all understanding. I am reminded that my part in this is to hide God’s word in my heart, to pray and to be obedient.

He will take care of the rest.