Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fun With Photos!

If you are a Compassion International sponsor, by now you have probably heard all about the wonderful new features that were recently added to the online letter writing tools.

We now have the ability to log into our CI account and when we click the link to write to our sponsored child, we have the option to chose from an assortment of neat stationary. Even better, we can also upload and send photos!

This is how the letters look after they are printed at the Global Ministry Center in Colorado!

In the past, the average sponsor usually sent just a couple of pictures to their child each year, if any at all. In this day and age, people just aren’t getting pictures developed like we used to. While I tried to send photos a couple of times a year, as our Compassion family grew to ten children, letters with photos included were becoming less and less.

The new letter writing feature opens up the door to so many opportunities!

You could take a picture of your family members holding a picture of your sponsored child. This could help your child to understand that they are considered a part of the family. Also, showing that their photo is in a special frame might make them to feel extra special.


I like to use the free Picnik site to add text and designs to pictures. You can also use the site to resize, if the image files are larger than the maximum 4MB accepted by the letter writing tool.

Using Picnik, I turned this sunset photo into something a little more special.


This photo would be a great addition to a letter where you mention the area around your home or where you describe what you think when you see a beautiful sunset!

Many of our children ask about our church, our town and my daughters’ friends. This new letter writing tool makes it easy to, not just talk about those things, but show them as well!


Compassion children might enjoy seeing a picture taken at your local library.


Photos of you or your children with friends would give sponsored children a glimpse into your lives.

With the new letter writing feature on the Compassion website, you can really connect with your child in a new way. Remember, though, to be mindful when sending pictures. Steer clear of images that may show immodest dress or may over-accentuate the differences of our homes. (If we ever send pictures from inside our home, I am sure to crop close to the subject. Our home isn’t large by American standards, but I know it may seem like a mansion to our children who live in one room structures.)

Have you used the new tool yet? What sorts of photos did you send to your sponsored child?