Friday, September 30, 2011

Dare to Dream

It probably comes as no surprise that I often catch myself thinking about what it would be like to meet our Compassion International children face to face.

We love all of our children around the world deeply and they are regularly in our thoughts, our conversations and our prayers. But, out of our ten children, it is with our first sponsored child that we share the strongest bond. It isn’t that we’re choosing favorites, you see, but through regular letters exchanged between us and the fact that she has been in our family the longest, Precious is ever so precious to us.

I’ve taken her project (GH220) under my wing and have worked hard to find sponsors for children that attend that center. I pray for these little ones by name as well as the project staff.

Months ago, on the Compassion website, I saw that there was a sponsor trip to Ghana planned for June 2012. You know that feeling when you desire something so badly, you can hardly put stock into dreaming it may actually come to pass? That is how I have felt every time I thought about going to Ghana.

I have prayed about it. I know that many of my friends have prayed on my behalf, too. But, to be honest, when a flicker of hope would flash in my heart, I would find myself snuffing it out. I lacked faith ~ not faith that God *could* do it, but faith that He would.

As a family that gets by on a single, modest income, the biggest hurdle to landing on African soil is financial. God provides for our needs, but money doesn’t just rain down to give us our every desire.

Yesterday, I received an email with the subject that said, “Precious Would Love To Meet You.”


Hope flickered again in my heart. Then, I quickly doused it.

Yet, there was a nagging thought. A conversation that came up when I was in Colorado wandered to the experience of visiting the field. I admitted that I had never been to visit a Compassion project but how I prayed about it often, that God would open a door and allow it to happen. The person I was talking to told me I should contact some people at Compassion and see what might happen. I jotted down the info I was given but never acted on it.

After receiving the email yesterday, I couldn’t escape the feeling that I needed to shake off the doubt. The song “I Dare You To Move” randomly came to mind and played through my head. This afternoon, I took a deep breath, took a leap of faith and sent out an email.

With one click of the “send” button, I shook off the shroud of impossibility. I cast away the shadow of doubt and opened myself to the thought that it may actually be a possibility. Who knows if anything will pan out with the contact I was given? But I have taken a step of faith.

God may open the door for me to plant my feet on African soil, to wrap my arms around our sweet, precious Ghanaian girl. After all, He is a mighty God!

From here on out, I will be open to the possibility. I will dare to dream. I’ll be praying for those doors to be opened and for the hurdles to be swept away.

Even more than that, I have penciled the trip onto my calendar and plan to pick up the paperwork needed to secure a Passport. After all, a dream is just a dream until you put actions behind it, right?