Saturday, September 17, 2011

Calling all “Precious Connection” Sponsors

In the past, a number of my wonderful friends and blog readers have gathered together to sponsor children from Compassion International project GH220. Sweet children like Cephus, Florence, George, Kenneth and Emmanuella have all been sponsored. Hannah, Evelyn, Agartha, Emammuel, Prince and Priscilla have been given the news that they were chosen.


Bisease Wesley Methodist Child Development center is a wonderful center. They are dedicated to writing letters and sending photos to the sponsors. It came to mind that I would love to send a Project Gift to this center. Compassion has a minimum set on the Project Gifts of $100. We’re not in a position to do this on our own, so I am asking if anyone else would want to pitch in a little to send a gift.

If anyone is willing to donate a little, this ChipIn widget takes you to a secure donation site that allows you to send Paypal or donate by credit card.

We can work together to bless this wonderful project!