Monday, August 22, 2011

Mail Call Monday!

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My Mail Call Monday posts come a little later in the day because Monday's are usually good for a Happy Dance or two.  I made the trek to the mailbox twice today.  The first walk was a bit early and the mail hadn’t come yet. The second trip was worth the effort and there was a cream colored envelope waiting for me!

Though we received a letter from our Precious last week, we were blessed with another letter today, too.  Even better, this letter came with a picture of Precious with the items she bought with her birthday money.


With the money she was able to buy two school uniforms, shoes, a towel a tie and dyed material. 

I tear up when I look at her sweet face. When we first sponsored her, she seemed so scared and shy.

Compassion 033 As we have received photos of Precious with her gifts, we can see a change in her demeanor.  There is some confidence and maybe even a smallest hint of a smile. 

preciousfaceI look at this face and my heart wells up with love.  She is so beautiful.  

In her letter last week the project staff told us that she is doing great and she enjoyed her birthday because of the letter and gift we sent to her. She asked about the health condition of our Pastor and church members.  She asked for prayers for her parents’ business and asked how Jay’s job is going.

On a piece of paper separate from the fill-in stationary her letters usually come on, the project director wrote to tell us that her entire family is grateful for the sponsorship.  They want to thank us for the various gifts that we have been sending to her almost every month. (In this, she means things like stickers, crafts, pictures and so on.  We only send monetary gifts a couple of times per year.) We also learned that there is a new baby sister in the family who was born in May.

I was also excited to see some new sponsor stationary included with our recent letters.  Unlike the old plain sheets we used to get, the new stationary is decorated and colorful.



Isn’t that neat?

So, have you heard from any of your Compassion International sponsored children lately?  Tell us about your letters in the comment section or if you’ve published a blog post with your letters, link up below! Feel free to grab the Mail Call button in my sidebar for your Mail Call blog posts!

Can’t wait to read about your letters!