Monday, August 15, 2011

Mail Call Monday!

The last few weeks have blessed us with lots of Happy Dances at our mailbox.  It is always a joy to find a letter from one of our Compassion International sponsored children waiting for us in our mailbox.

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Now…  On to excerpts from the letters!

From our Kazihizina in Rwanda:

Compassion 021

How are you. Do you have peace? Me and my family are alright and thank you for the letters you sent to me. It pleased me. I as well thank you for the gift which I used to buy clothes and a goat for keeping. In school I repeated primary 4 so that I proceed with better knowledge.”

I would love prayers for Kazihizina’s education, as she really seems to be struggling.

Next, a letter from our Yishak in Ethiopia:

Compassion 041

How are you? My family and I are fine. Thanks a lot for your continuous support. I started the second semester, I am doing very well at my education now. I attend Sunday School.  The Millenium hydro electric power dam project is launched here. Pray for me and my country. There was an earthquake here. How about in your country? Till then, Yishak.”

We don’t hear from Yishak very often and his letters usually lack much information or detail.  I loved the bits of info I learned through this letter, though!

We have received a number of letters from our handsome Rodrigo in Bolivia lately.  It appears that his project is moving to a more reciprocal letter writing process. Rodrigo’s letters are always a joy!  Here are some excerpts:

I write with very much love.  Thanks for the letters that you sent me, for the stickers and for the nice adorn. (Not sure what an “adorn” is.) They are nice and interesting and I liked very much receiving your letters as the words that you wrote. I feel the same for you and thank you very much for all that you give me. My family is happy and I tell you that I went to a big park and there were many games and sports fields to play. I love you very much”

I greet you in the name of the Lord. Thank you for the letters you sent me. I liked it a lot and I really liked Easter. I also went to church and also the tutor teaches me a lot. At school my teacher teaches me to read and add. And I like playing ball with my friends. My friend’s name is Ivan and I like roosters. I went to my Mom’s village. Until soon, God bless you.”

Dear friends, regards with lots of love for you. Thanks for the letters, stickers and magazine. (I think he was referring to the He Is Risen coloring book we sent for Easter.) I liked these. I will color these very well.  I feel happy because the weather is improving there and you can see the creation of God. It is very cold here and I hope it will be over soon.

Lately we celebrated the day of the mother and in school we got organized to make a small celebration for all of the mothers. They went to our school and we prepared a delicious food and felicitated each mother. They had fun and were very happy. I thank you very much for your love and the all the help you give me always. I have you in my heart and my thoughts. With big love, Rodrigo.”

His sweet letters make me tear right up. :sniff:

From Alice in Kenya:

Compassion 017To my friends, Receive much greetings from your friend Alice. I say thank you for being my sponsor. I also say thank you for having a friend outside of Kenya. I also say thanks for your gifts which you sent to me of shoes, socks, blanket and a suitcase.”

She goes on to tell us the names of her family members and friends and to tell us it is raining and cold in her area.

From Johan in East India:

Compassion 018My dearest friends, I am your son Johan. I am fine and am doing well by God’s grace. I also hope that you are also fine there because I am praying for you.

Sometimes storms and rains are coming. With lightning rains coming and house are falling because of storm big-big trees are also falling down. Some are feeling afraid. So pray for this we may protect from this thunder. How is it going in your childrens study? What are they studying? I am in 8th standard. I am preparing myself for social reformation. Your loving child, Johan”

Have you been blessed with any letters from your sponsored child?  Please feel free to share the link here or leave a comment! I love hearing about messages from sponsored children!

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