Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Colorado Trip ~ Part Three

Picking up today where I left off after Part One and Part Two of my trip to Colorado, here is a little bit more of my tour of Compassion International’s  Global Ministry Center.

IMG_7691In the lobby, there are these great stations that encourage sponsors to sit down and write to their Compassion children. 

IMG_7757  All around these computers, there are pictures of sponsored children with letters and quotes from children.

When I got your letter, it was like God speaking to me.”

Letters from my sponsors means they care for me and remember me.”


There is also a space for those who prefer not to use the computer for their correspondence.


This desk has a stack of stationary, envelopes, pens, a Bible and a globe.  I just love that these areas are available at the headquarters.  As people wait for their tours to start, they can take a few minutes to connect with their sponsor children.

IMG_7762 Off the the lobby there is also a great little gift shop!  There, you could purchase the neat Compassion International gear that can also be found on the online Compassion store.  I picked up a hat for my hubby (which didn’t fit, so I am giving it away here ) and one of the neat tumblers I had been wanting for a while now.

IMG_7975 I don’t go anywhere without water, and now I can stay hydrated while spreading the word about CI!


Everywhere you look a the GMC, you see photos of children, artwork from their young hands or scripture. The focus of Compassion International is clear.

My wonderful hostess, Sherry, told me that we’d be able to go up to Dr. Wess Stafford’s office and take a look around.  I heard about his bottomless bowl of M&Ms on his desk.


And then….  I took one!


Dr. Stafford’s assistant showed me some of his slingshots.  (If you have read the book Too Small to Ignore, you know a bit of the history here.  If not, I will tell you that much of Dr. Stafford’s childhood was spent in Africa where he became quite the sharp-shooter!)









I loved this piece of stained glass that was hanging in Dr. Stafford’s window.


Throughout the building, there are several display cases that show pieces of memorabilia from Compassion’s past.  I was intrigued to see the first record books from the sponsors and children that Everett Swanson connected back in Korea in 1952.


These pages contain information for individual children and their sponsors, taking note of the donations sent in.

If you do not know the history of Compassion International, you might want to watch these videos.


Knowing this history, it was so moving to see the first record books and first letters from Korean children to their American sponsors.


Even then, there was a focus on the relationship between sponsored child and sponsors.

Come back tomorrow for Part Four of my series of posts!