Friday, August 12, 2011

Colorado Trip ~ Part Five

(Don't miss the previous posts about my trip to Colorado and Compassion's Global Ministry Center! Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four ~ Lots of pictures and details shared!)

As many of you know, I have a deep passion for the amazing relationships that can be formed by writing regular letters to children in the Compassion International program. Through stories and first hand account from formerly sponsored children and those who have gone to the field to visit child centers, it has become clear just how important those letters truly are.

So, when I was asked to come to Colorado Springs, I was so excited to be able to get a look at the mailroom at the GMC!

(Now, to be completely honest, I was exhausted when I was taking my tour. I had planned to try to take pictures of each step a letter takes through the mailroom, but I didn’t manage to capture it in such detail. I hope that you still enjoy this little glimpse of the room that holds so much love and encouragement!)


My first look at the HUGE room. I got goosebumps when I took in just how amazing it was to be there!

IMG_7711 Those cream colored envelopes we all love to receive!


Everyone loves getting updated photos! Here they are getting ready to be mailed to sponsors!


Here is an assortment of letters that need to be mailed to sponsors (on the top) and some that have arrived for sponsored children (on the bottom).

IMG_7713Letters for our children are sorted into country-specific bins. The man on the left is bagging up a shipment of letters all headed for one country’s Field Office.


My heart swells to think of these letters, on their way to bring love and smiles to children around the world.

Annnd, :hanging head: that is all of the pictures I took of the mailroom. While I was in Colorado I made friends with two sweet ladies from Korea’s Compassion office and I have asked if they can send me any of the pictures they took while they toured the area.

One really amazing thing happened while I was getting a look around the huge room. I heard someone call out, “Michelle?!” I turned and saw a face that I thought I might recognize. Turns out, it was a woman named Laure that had visited my blog and commented from time to time. (Laure, if you are out there, would you mind emailing me at mjw4compassion at gmail dot com? I’d like to ask you something!) I thought that was so neat, to meet her in the mailroom of all places!

Our family has some errands to run today, so I am going to wrap up this post here. I wanted to remind you all that I am drawing a name tomorrow for the Compassion cap giveaway! Click here if you’d like to enter while you can!