Thursday, August 11, 2011

Colorado Trip ~ Part Four

I hope that you have enjoyed the first three parts of my recent series about my trip to Colorado!  I would love to hear from you, so please take a second and leave a comment!  One thing I love about blogging is being able to converse with those who stop by and read my little space on the web.

Moving on from where I left off, my eye was drawn to a hand-made guitar crafted by a child in the Compassion program.

IMG_7731I was told that the young man who made this was inspired by a deep desire to have a guitar and sing praises to the Lord, as he saw others do in church. He made use of the resources that he had available to him. Junk.  Trash.  With a vision and some determination, he created this instrument.  From what I was told, when word spread about this guitar, someone from Compassion offered the boy a real guitar and asked if they could take his creation and put it on display.  Looking at this, I reflect on how those who go without often show incredible creativity to obtain the things they desire.

Another example of this was seen in a small mock-up of a home in a poverty-stricken area.


My eye was drawn to the makeshift table and a toy truck made from, of all things, a pesticide can.


Continuing the tour, we headed down a hallway whose walls displayed artwork from children in the Compassion program.  (As usual, you can click the images to see them in a larger format.)




































While I didn’t take pictures of all of the artwork, I must say that I found every piece to be inspiring, thought-provoking or just plain adorable.

There is a neat area in the Compassion International headquarters that is meant to give us an idea of what a Child Development Center (or “project”) may look like.


My tour was given after hours, so the “windows”, which are actually TV screens, were not on.  Usually they play vides of children playing outdoors and the sound of laughter and chatting filling the air.



They also had a mock-up of what a project office would look like.

IMG_7736 Compassion staff keeps thorough records on every child in the program.  With as many as a few hundred children in some projects, I can only imagine what a time and labor intensive task this must be! 

IMG_7738The desk displayed some of the types of documents kept for each child.  Everything from health records to educational reports, information about letters sent and received and tallies of gifts received. 

Once a child reaches secondary school, Compassion International gives the child a “My Plan For Tomorrow” book.  (You can read a bit more about this workbook on this Chatting at the Sky post.)

I love how Compassion International encourages these children to think of and plan for the future.  Having hopes and dreams is one way to fight the lies that poverty whispers into little ears.  Having a support system and plan to achieve those dreams makes an incredible difference!  Encouragement brings confidence.

If you have an older child in the Compassion program, perhaps you can ask them about their own Plan For Tomorrow.  You could encourage and pray for them as they take the steps towards their goals!

Tomorrow, I will share pictures of the one room I was dying to see ~ the mailroom!  I hope you will stop back for that post!