Friday, August 19, 2011

Colorado Casserole

I have a lot of “leftovers” from my trip to Colorado that I haven’t shared. I hope to throw them all together into one casserole post and hope that they turn out good!

My first day in Colorado, I was exhausted by the time 7pm rolled around. I had gotten up around 4 in the morning, travelled much of the day and I guess it took a lot out of me.  After having a delicious dinner with my friend Sherry and swinging to her house to meet her family, I was ready to get to my hotel room and lounge around a bit.

It was still light by the time I was putting on my comfy pants and laid down on the bed to watch Wipe Out.  Through the gauzy window curtain, I noticed a strange yellow glow.  At first I thought it was the parking lot lights kicking on as the sun was setting. But the yellow got brighter and brighter, enough that I decided to drag myself off of the bed and take a look.

It was the sky! I have never in my life seen clouds glow in this golden hue and it got brighter as time went by.










It was pretty intense and just stunningly beautiful. 

The next day, I was blessed to be able to spend some time with a few people who work for Compassion’s International Partners.  Currently, there are twelve Global Partner Offices. (These are countries that have offices and sponsor children.) While all of these partner offices have the same goal of connecting children with sponsors, they all have different methods of doing things such as the letter writing ministry, promotions and so on.

I was able to get to know a few people from the offices in South Korea, Netherlands, UK, Canada and Australia.  After some presentations on Wednesday, a group of us went out to grab some dinner and then take a walk at Colorado’s famous Garden of the Gods.  (I did take a ton of photos from our walk, but will try to spare you from posting too many of them.  It was a gorgeous place, though!)






























From left to right: Lisa (who works with International Partners), Christina (who supervises OurCompassion among other things), Mina (Compassion Korea), me, Esther (Compassion Korea), Bryan (US technical projects), Martijn (Compassion Netherlands) and Joe (Compassuon UK).  This was a fantastic and funny group of people to hang out with!

IMG_7818 We did the typical touristy things like take a picture holding up the Balancing Rock.

Martijn did it with style.



When a little rainbow appeared in the sky, we laughed about the double rainbow guy. “Whoa. What does it mean?”


We drank from some of the notorious springs in Manitou Springs. (I only tried one and it tasted a bit like Sprite!)


I really enjoyed getting to know everyone.  Out of all of the international partners, I spent the most time with Mina and Esther from Korea.  I loved hearing how Compassion Korea (which they call I Am Compassion) promotes the cause and what a great community of sponsors they have in Seoul, where their main office is.

IMG_7966These cute slip-on shoes are available on the I Am Compassion website and the designs are created by children in the Compassion program.


The Korean office also has these cute coloring books available for purchase, ready to send to sponsored children.







I also love these cute little paper animals that I found for sale on their website.

What makes Compassion Korea so special to me is that, if you remember the history of Compassion International, you know that the very first sponsored children lived there. In 1993, there was no longer a need for children in the country to be sponsored because things had changed so much.  In 2003, Korea became the very first country to go from being a sponsored country to a sponsoring country. Isn’t that something?

Well, I have a birthday party to prepare for and a million things to do today, so I will leave off here.  I’ll have to dish up one last serving of Colorado leftovers on another day.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this “casserole” post! :P