Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Sweet Invitation

Yesterday, we received a letter from our Bertille in Burkina Faso.

Compassion 015

The very first line if the letter captured my heart.

Will you come to Burkina Faso and visit our city of Ziniaire?”

This is not the first time we’ve been asked a question like this by our Compassion International children, but it gets me every time.  Oh, how I would LOVE to go and visit!  However, our family finances aren’t in a position to spare the thousands needed to travel overseas. So, I will be writing a letter to Bertille today telling her just how much we would love the opportunity to fly to Africa and meet her. Gently, I will try to choose the words to tell her that we don’t have the money for a trip like that right now.

The truth is, I have had the chance to meet a few of my Compassion children….  in the realm of dreams anyway. It may sound odd, but I have really cherished those dreams and I was always heartbroken to wake up and have our time cut short.  In one dream, I was even able to visit some children with a mom of Wild Things and a super-manly Mom blogger.

(Speaking of that mom-blogger, Shaun Groves has a awesome new album out and you can take a listen for FREE!  Click here to check out Third World Symphony! )

The Compassion website shows that there will be a group trip to Ghana in June of 2012 and as soon as I read it, my heart has been pulled.  I truly love all ten of our Compassion kids, but would have to say that my strongest bond is with the first child we sponsored. Not only do we have the chance to hear from Precious in Ghana a few times a month, I have also become attached to a dozen or so of her project-mates that were sponsored by faithful readers of my blog. I am praying that God will open the doors to allow me to travel to meet our precious girl and her friends next year, but I also realize that is quite a tall order.  Sure, God could make it happen, but it is hard to even set my hopes that high. 

Have you heard from any of your Compassion children lately? I would love to hear about your recent letters!  Have you ever had a child ask if you could visit?  What was your response?

I need to get ready for another busy Summer day, but I am praying that you all are well and enjoying your week!