Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Snapshots

While I hate to sound like a broken record, things have been SO busy around here. Seems like I am a bit of a seasonal blogger. When the weather is cool, I tend to blog several times a week. But, come summer, my blogging dwindles down to once or twice a week!

I have a few pictures to share today. A few weeks ago, my friend travelled to Uganda and was able to meet up with our newest sponsored child, Kwagala Deborah. (KD is part of a group effort sponsorship where many of my blog readers have pitched in to support this lovely girl.)

KD was taken out to lunch and then, with some money we sent along, she was taken to buy new shoes and some other needed items. My friend sent me these pictures, which I treasure.

KDnecklace KD with the Bible, necklace and other goodies that were sent along for her.

photo3 Brand new backpack!


KD at the store with the Compassion staff worker that brought her to meet my friend.

IMG_0821 Trying in some new shoes. What a treat!!

I feel so blessed that God arranged this wonderful opportunity to shower Kwagala Deborah with love and support. The timing, location and so many other circumstances lined up in such a way that it was clearly a Divine arrangement!

Our dear KD had a very hard childhood and I don’t doubt that the abandonment has affected her to her core. If you would be so kind as to lift her, as well as her sisters Jennifer and Ruth up in prayer, I would appreciate it!

In other news, just 72 hours until I am on an airplane headed to Colorado! Not only will I see the Compassion headquarters, but I will also have the chance to meet Sherry, the woman who went to meet our lovely Kwagala Deborah. I am so very excited!!