Friday, July 29, 2011

Photo Friday!

I am back home after a wonderful trip to Colorado!  I was so blessed to be able to meet many wonderful people from around the world who all have a heart for Compassion International and the children sponsored through the program!  I do have many pictures from my trip and am formulating a blogging game-plan in my head on how to share those.  In the meantime, I want to share a picture that we received the day before I left.


This is Mkapa from Tanzania with some gifts he purchased.  He was able to buy a trunk and a lock, a flashlight, batteries, some notebooks, a school bag, a blanket and food items such as flour, rice and oil. 

I absolutely love getting pictures of our children.  Out of our ten, we’ve only gotten them from about half of our children.  Many projects do not have access to a camera, but I treasure photos when they come!

Have you heard from your Compassion International sponsor children lately?

As a side note, I am giving away a copy of Dr. Wess Stafford’s book called Too Small To Ignore.  To enter, check out Blogging from the Boonies Facebook page.