Thursday, June 23, 2011

Words of Encouragement

I am blessed with a wonderful group of ladies I have come to know through our church.  One woman in particular has been a huge source of inspiration to me.  She was actually the first person to come and greet us when we visited our church for the very first time.  I am usually a bit awkward and shy when coming into a new place or situation, but this woman’s warm and genuine greeting put me at ease right away.

Through the time that I have come to know her, Barb has been someone that has taught me a lot about relationships and being a friend.  She is quick to lift someone up, quick to pray and she is always, always an encourager.

One way that Barb has encouraged me is by sending occasional notes through the mail.  Though this is somewhat a lost art in today’s society, a note can really bring a smile and a burst of sunshine to someone’s day.

Because Barb’s notes have meant so much to me, I have been encouraged to send little cards to my friends from time to time. I have a basket on my counter with a collection of note-cards, address book and stamps. (The Dollar Store has a pretty nice selection of packs of note-cards, so I have stocked up!)


Once a week, I like to sit down and think of who has been on my mind recently.  With a prayer and a few minutes of my time, I can send a little love to someone I care about. While I often talk about writing to your Compassion International sponsored children, your words can mean just as much to your friends and family!

So, I would like to challenge you!  This week, if someone comes to your mind, sit down and write them a little note and pop it in the mail. 

The finest gift you can give anyone is encouragement.”

~Sydney Madwed

-Michelle acacia1