Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Let’s Bounce, Shall We?

Instead of one cohesive blog post on one cohesive subject, I have lots of various things to write about today. Time to bounce from subject to subject!



Yesterday, we went to my all-time favorite amusement park.  Seabreeze is fairly small with a vintage feel. I can vividly remember riding many of the kiddie rides when I was just a little carrot-topped rugrat.  Mixed with the classic carousel, Tilt-a-Whirl and old wooden coasters, they also have some modern thrill rides.



We had so much fun! We love going this time of year because they are mainly open for school field trips and the park clears out around 2:00, leaving the rides open with virtually no lines.


IMG_7213 This is Luna with her best bud, Owen.  These two go together like PB and J.  Hubby and I were joking that this picture may be a glimpse into the future.  Luna and Owen going on an afternoon drive together.

IMG_7210 Isn’t any ride more fun when you have your hands in the air?


Kaya and her friend Cyralina show off their mad jumping skillz.


Jay gave Kaya some money to play games.  Twenty minutes later, she comes back and hands her hard-won prize to her little sister.  That is such a classic Kaya thing to do.  She is such a generous girlie and she teaches me a thing or two about having  giving heart.

Bouncing to another subject, we received a few letters from our Compassion International children in the last week after what seemed like a Happy Dance drought.

We heard from our handsome Rodrigo in Bolivia.

Dear friends, I greet you with much love. Thank you for your letters, the ones that you sent to me.  I feel so happy with my family.  We are all so fine. I made the trip to Laja town. There I was with my grandmother, helping to care for the animals.  Here days have been sunny but the weather keeps cold.

I tell you that I always come to the student center. My tutor is sister Rosemary. She is teaching me things of God.  I thank you for all of your prayers for me. I wish you the best in your life.  I close with too much love.  Rodrigo



We also received a not to tell us what Johan was able to buy with the $25 we sent for his birthday.  Pants, shirt, umbrella, bag, torch, belt and some chocolate.  I am so glad he was able to fulfill some needs and also enjoy the sweet taste of chocolate with the money that we sent!





Speaking of Compassion, have you stopped over to their website to see the lovely new changes?   Click here to check it out!

Lastly, I am preparing to go to a homeschool curriculum sale this evening.  I’m setting up a table for Compassion again and hope that perhaps I can find a sponsor or two or plant some seeds.  Last year, I was able to find a sponsor for One Child and I also learned a lesson along the way. (Read about it here.)

I am also still hoping to find a sponsor for Natacha in Burkina Faso with the shirt that says I Love You.  Scroll down a few posts and you’ll see her.  Please pray for her and for my table at the curriculum sale?  Hoping that I can be faithful and diligent in spreading awareness for the work of Compassion International and that some of the seeds take root.