Saturday, June 18, 2011

Group Effort

For the last couple of days, I have posted about this young lady on Compassion’s website that has been pulling on my heart.
kwagalaKwagala is seventeen and currently lives at a children's home. Her father has passed away and for some reason she is not living with her mother.
Inspired by Amy of This Treasured Life, who has arranged a group sponsorship of a girl named Agnes, I would like to ask if any of you would like to pitch in and co-sponsor Kwagala. She is certainly in need of so much love and encouragement. A gift of any amount would be wonderful! You can pick a one time gift or give a little every month!
I could collect funds through Paypal and would write to tell Kwagala of this group effort to sponsor her. I would scan and email any letters received from her to anyone who donated funds towards her sponsorship. Kwagala could have up to five years left in the program, so when the sponsorship funds are used up, I will post and let my readers know. If you could donate a little again, wonderful. If not, that is ok, too! Also, if you want to send a financial gift, I could make sure that gets to her as well.
Together, we could let this sweet girl know that she is so special that an entire group of people were willing to work together to be sure that she has been sponsored.
Would you be willing to participate? If so, please feel free to send a donationof any amount. I have added a ChipIn widget on the sidebar that can handle credit card or paypal payments.
((Edited to add: I have gone ahead and paid the first month sponsorship of Kwagala! I will send you a confirmation and welcome email once your donation is processed. Bless you for helping this sweet girl!))