Thursday, June 16, 2011

Giveaways, Good News and a Girl Who Needs Hope

There are a couple of neat giveaways I’d like to share with my readers today!

First, Jill at Compassion Family is giving away a really neat Correspondence Kit!

Pretty paper, stickers and goodies, oh my! Hop over to Compassion Family to enter!

Next, Becca from She Becomes is giving away some lovely items made by women in Tanzania!

I just love the bag, the beads and the beautiful card!!

On the Good News front, I wanted to share that little Natacha from Burkina Faso has been sponsored! Praise the Lord! Thank you to everyone who prayed for her!

Lastly, I wanted to share this girl who has been pulling on my heart.


Kwagala is seventeen and lives in Uganda. Her father has died and she is currently living with an institutional worker. I contacted Compassion about her yesterday and was told that they don’t know specifically if she is in a orphanage or with a caregiver assigned by Compassion. At any rate, she looks like a girl who could really use some hope and encouragement. Will you join me in praying that Kwagala will be connected with a sponsor very soon?

Thank you!