Saturday, May 14, 2011

What’s in a Name?

In preparation for the upcoming Compassion Bloggers trip the the Philippines, I decided to hop over to the Compassion International website and look through the sweet children now available from that country.  In the recent weeks, over 1,000 children from the Philippines have been added to the site.  As I scrolled through page after page, I was struck by, not only the beautiful faces, but the cute names that I saw.

I saw a handsome little Prince and an adorable little Princess. I even saw Ken and Barbie

If you look on the Compassion International site, amongst the children in the Philippines you will find Faith, HopeMercy and  Grace.

You’ll see the sweeties named Cherry and Honey.

Precious, Lovely, Darlin  and Pretty live up to their names. You’ll find little treasures named Shine and Jewel

There is a whole chorus of Angels along with Divine Hymns .

Don’t forget Trixie and Trexie, Dixie  and DexieJinky and Fritzie JoyPjayJaypee, Cejay, Jaybee and even Elton John!

Please join me in praying over all of these children as well as the rest of them waiting on the Compassion website.  Let us also pray for Shaun Groves and the Compassion Bloggers as they prepare for the upcoming trip. 

Compassion Bloggers Philippines Facebook Profile Pic



Jessica said...

This was such a sweet post!

Judy said...

I love this post. Especially since I go to the Compassion site once in a while to do the exact same thing! :)

Amy D said...

I want to see Dixie! That's what everyone calls me.

Teena said...

My word for this year is MERCY ... I should check that one out! We are praying about another child to add to our Compassion Family. (Not sure I shared this with you.) Be praying for us.

I love the widget you have. We have some connections with some children in the Philippines. Not through an organization... so the Philippines are close to my heart. We also thought about looking at the Tanzania children available because our Mandi sponsors from there and she receives LOTS of updated pics. I heard the Tanzania Compassion Project is excellent.. was it you that shared that?

Thanks for everything.


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