Saturday, May 21, 2011

Time for a Giveaway!

Last month at the Compassion Advocate retreat, I picked up this awesome Compassion shirt.

(You can find this shirt, along with other great Compassion merchandise at the Compassion Store!)

The shirt is 100% cotton and a size Medium. When I got it home, I washed and dried it and *then* realized that, if I wear a tee, I prefer a fitted style. So, the shirt is unworn, but has been through the wash cycle.

I’d love to pass it along to someone (living in the U.S.) who supports Compassion and would want it!

So, a giveaway is in order! There will be a few different ways to enter and you can take advantage of them all! (For each entry that you complete, please come back and leave a separate comment. If you are having issues leaving comments here, you can also leave a comment on the thread on the BFTB Facebook page.)

Ways To Enter:

  • Follow Blogging From the Boonies on Facebook, Twitter, through email or RSS feed! You can click the buttons located in the upper right hand side of the page to do so! (Worth one entry!)
  • Share one of Blogging From the Boonies most popular posts (featured on the right) on Facebook, Twitter or your blog. (Worth one entry!)
  • If it has been a few weeks since you have written to your Compassion International child(ren), send a letter or an email before the end of the giveaway! (Worth three entries!)
  • Encourage your sponsoring friends and/or family to write to their children and get at least one of them to commit to writing a letter or email to their child. (Worth three entries!)
  • Lastly, start planning a Compassion International sponsor get together. It could be a letter writing party, a prayer circle, a question and answer session, card-making party, etc. (I would be happy to help you with this in any way! Just drop me a message or email!) Set a date, invite a few people and come back to let me know! (Worth FIVE entries!)

Each entry will go in a jar and I will choose one name on Tuesday, May 24th around 10am. I will mail the shirt, plus a Family Sponsorship pack to the lucky winner!

Good Luck!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!



Amanda Gurene said...

Shared "This is what sponsorship is all about"! :)

Amanda Gurene said...

"Liked" Blogging from the Boonies on Facebook. :) Already following on Twitter!


Amanda Gurene said...

Wrote my sweet Compassion boy Weerawut at the Immanuel Baan Bing Child Development Center in Thailand. His birthday is coming up in July. :)

Amanda Gurene said...

Got my friend Catherine to commit to write Elmer, her Compassion boy in Guatemala.

Judy said...

I wrote one of my kids today because it's his birthday! My sweet Ominde from Kenya is 15 today!!! I always write to my kids on their actual birthday (I do send a card/gift ahead of time) but I want my kids to know that on the day of their birthday, we were thinking about them and praying for them on their special day.

Don't enter me in the contest tho, the shirt won't fit me...I'm just excited it's Ominde's birthday and had to share! :D

Jessica said...

I went to the Compassion store considering buying my own shirt - but the shipping was like 7.50. :(

Teena said...

liked you on fb.



Teena said...

writing both of your sponsored/correspondent children this weekend.


Teena said...

Michelle, I do want to plan a letter writing party... this summer for our hs kids. We only have about 6 ... do you think that would be enough... could you give me some ideas? We could share our letters... and write some... I could bring stickers.

Hugs & thanks always for your encouragement!


Teena said...

going to encourage my dil and my friend to write their sponsored child.

:) love,

Teena said...

oh and I share on fb... what sponsorship is all about. :)

I love it. Read it before but good to read again!


annaehoward said...

I liked you on FB!

steph said...

I follow you on FB, shared The Delivery, and This is what sponsorship is all about (because I love them and could not decide) on my FB, and I am in the middle of writing each of our 5 kids! Saarina from Ghana turns 9 next week. :O) Thanks friend!

Lana said...

I wrote my 2 sponsored children this morning!

Lana said...

I am also following you on this blog! I meant to tell you that in my comment above!

Melissa said...

I follow the blog through RSS feed. I shared One Child on Twitter. I wrote all 7 of my children this afternoon and got promises from my sister to write her boy and my friend to write her two children. And, tonight a friend and I are having a Compassion party. We've invited everyone who lives in the area from both of our Facebook friends list to come and we will be sharing about Compassion and have children packets on hand for them to sponsor if they feel led to do so.

The Burgess family said...

Ok, you inspired me to catch up on answering some letters I'd fallen behind on, and I just wrote like 6 letters to our Compassion kids! yay!!!

Debra said...

Followed your blog and am about to go follow you on facebook :)

hallhomeschool said...

I follow you on FB, and just sent a letter off to Suzet this morning :-)

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