Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Tanzanian Smile

I am pretty compulsive diligent about checking our online account at Compassion International. Any changes that happen, whether it be a new updated photo or a child leaving the program, can generally be found on your account before you are contacted by a representative from Compassion.

I was thrilled a few days ago to see a new picture of our fine young Mkapa!

This is the first photo we were given.


And this is the new photo. I just love his smile!

MkapaPicnic (I edited his photo at Picnik so that I can send him a few personalized pictures to give to friends and family!)

Mkapa is still a fairly recent addition to our family, so we don’t know a whole lot about him yet. We did a unit study about his country, Trekking Through Tanzania, shortly after he was assigned to us. My girls were excited to read in his first letter that he can see Mount Kilimanjaro from his home.

Have you received any letters or photos recently? It has been a few weeks since we’ve heard from any of our Compassion kids, so I am hoping for a Happy Dance at the mailbox, soon!

(If you missed it yesterday, check out this cute writing paper which is perfect for pre-school or elementary aged kids who are writing to their sponsored child!)



Amanda said...

Michelle, what a great idea to print out extra photos of the child to share with their family! Do you think they would have even seen a picture that was taken by Compassion?

Thanks for the idea. I will definitely add this to my list of "special things" to include with an upcoming mailing to our kids!

Corina said...

I'm wondering the same thing! Do the kids get to see or have a copy when their picture is taken?? What a great idea to edit and send them copies!

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

They may see the photos, but I don't believe they get copies. From that I understand, they are sent as digital files to the Compassion Offices and not necessarily developed in their country.

Because scanning doesn't give us great images, when I see a new photo of one of our children online, I email Compassion through the Contact Us tab and ask them to email me the digital file. They are happy to do this and I usually get the file with 24 hours. Then I have a nice quality file to use for Picnik and for printing!

Kimberly said...

That is awesome that Compassion will email the digital file of the photos!

Mkapa does have a happy smile in his new photo. :)

faithlikemustard said...

I wondered how you got decent copies made. So ingenious, you are!

They must be working on Tanzania updates. It wasn't too long ago that they updated Happyness's profile/photo.

Sadly, my mailbox has been very empty lately. I keep writing and waiting, though!

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I read that they will email digital files of the pictures on OurCompassion. They keep the two most recent photos on file, so if you are a new sponsor to your child, but they have been in the program for a while, you may be able to get an older picture as well!

JD said...

When I spoke with Bessy's mom in Honduras and showed her Bessy's Compassion photo, she did not have a copy of it, nor had she seen it. I gave it to her, thankful that I had laminated it, it will last well.

I love that they'll email the digital files -- I didn't know this! Wonder if Compassion Canada will do that... hmmmm!

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Thanks for the insight, JD! I had a feeling that the kids didn't see the photos, but confirmation is great. I also like to crop these pictures to show the torso and face and make wallet sized prints for the kids as well!

steph said...

I think purple might be Mkapa's color. What a handsome boy and sweet looking spirit!!

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