Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Praise

I am staying home from church today because our little Luna got sick again this morning.  She has been throwing up randomly since Wednesday night. She didn’t get sick at all yesterday, so we thought we were in the clear, but it hit again this morning.

Praying that this passes soon!

I have heard that at least one person had trouble posting comments for the giveaway for the Compassion International tee.  If this happens to you, you can hop over to Blogging From The Boonies Facebook page and leave your comments there! I had issues leaving a comment on another blog this morning, too.  I don’t want anyone to miss out on this giveaway, so hopefully the FB option will help!

Have a great Sunday!



LovedbyHim7 said...

Thanks for posting this video! One of my favorite songs from my favorite group. Can't you just hear all the children praising the King of Kings in Africa?! ~shannon

steph said...

Poor Luna- hope she is better soon. It's hard when they are young to be sick like that.

JD said...

Praying for Luna to get well soon!

I had trouble commenting on the Compassion Blog guest post you wrote for them -- but I'll try again!

Junie said...

I pray Luna will be feeling better ! One of my comments didn't stay on your blog one day either. It was there and then wasn't. I was saying in it how good your girls did singing. love, junie

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Thanks for the prayers! Luna hasn't thrown up since yesterday morning, so I think (hope) we are in the clear!!

I don't know what is up with comments! Hoping that straightens itself out!

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