Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Precious Girls

This morning, my blog post called A Precious Perspective precfacewas published on Compassion’s blog.  I read it and it brought tears to my eyes again.  I really do feel so  blessed to be a part of Precious’ life and for the way God has used her, along with our other Compassion International children, to change my heart and my perspective.

Last night, as I was taking some pictures of our nine year old, Kaya, I was struck by how big she is getting.  Kaya has always been such a sweet and giving child.  She’s been easy going from birth, when she barely cried a peep for the first few weeks of her life. (As opposed to spunky Luna Blue, who came out screaming and kept it up for the first few months of her life!) Looking at my precious Kaya and realizing that she is growing up brings those bittersweet feelings that most Moms can relate to.



Today, I am feeling grateful for my blessings and these beautiful children that God has put into my life.